Superstars V8 Racing

Superstars V8 Racing Demo

Bumper to bumper aggressive racing!


  • Good graphics
  • Excellent sense of speed
  • Exciting racing


  • Need a high spec PC
  • One track


Superstars V8 Racing is the new high octane racer from Black Bean Games.

This seems to be aiming for accessibility as well as the complexity that serious sim lovers want.
While you can jump straight into the game and race, changing difficulty levels and more means you can have a lengthy realistic experience too.

Pit stops and car setups are optional. In this demo you can choose from a range of touring cars, which all handle slightly differently. There is one track - Portimao - which you can race in wet or dry conditions.
Control is normal, and supports force feedback wheels if you have one. There are a range of camera modes - although there is no in cockpit view.

The racing is just like you'd expect from touring cars - very much a contact sport, fast and exciting. If this is the type of racing you like, you'll love it. In this demo damage seems to be minimal, and the AI is pretty effective even on easy, so expect to be well challenged!

Superstars V8 Racing is a pretty big download for only one track, but it's certainly a fast paced and aggressive racing game so is well worth a try.


Superstars V8 Racing


Superstars V8 Racing Demo

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